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Ultimate Direct Marketing Bootcamp

ANNOUNCING: "The Millionaire Maker" Mal Emery and his hand-picked A-List line up of experts reveal the "unfashionable", un-tapped, under-the-radar secrets to creating lasting wealth in business today... ideal for B2B and B2C businesses!

The STRATEGY and SKILLS laid out for you in such a way you’ll quickly and easily master them, adopt them as your own and be able to implement as soon as the event is over... gives you the POWER to sell to the masses in a competitive vacuum... eliminates the competition... propels YOUR business to un-heard of success and profit!

You’ll create a systematic, sustainable marketing system that allows you to achieve maximum productivity, maximum leverage so your business achieves massive results with the least amount of time and effort.

You’ll discover REAL alternatives to cold prospecting... or begging people for referrals... or dragging yourself to network meetings and social events to meet clients and prospects... Sorry, you won’t have letters after your name or a plethora of business and achievement certificates on your wall... but you WILL have means to turn your business into a BANKABLE ASSET.

BEST PART... your success will confuse and confound your competitors... the rapid increases in your sales and profits will allow you to dominate your category or industry without having the massive budget associated with "marketing" which your competitors ALWAYS COMPLAIN about.

You CAN unleash the very same strategies I and my clients (who pay me BIG dollars) use to generate EXTRA income, virtually at will...

Yes, give me 3 days this November... and I'll give you these sacred tools and this specialised know-how so you too can "Transform Your Business for Life!"

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