PLUS within these pages I will reveal the single most powerful marketing tactic I could ever hope to share with you, which few of you will know or understand! But if you did, and were to apply it, it could single handedly revolutionise your income!


By Mal Emery, Director of Magnetic Marketing. Mal is a Marketing Consultant specialising in the development of small business. He also owns Direct Mail companies and leads business seminars. Mal’s office may be contacted on 08 9201 2122 web site


Dear Friend and Subscriber,

There is a joke doing the rounds at the moment. It goes something like this … “What’s the most worthless thing in sport? Answer: “A ticket to the 5th day of a test match between England and Australia!”

There is another ‘joke’ which carries far greater cost and dire consequences for business owners. And by the way, sadly this joke hasn’t changed for almost a century! At least the Poms finally got it together and won the 5th Test.

The joke? “Where do most business owners stupidly, though seemingly happily – waste millions of dollars year after year?” Answer: “By running institutionalised “non responsive” ads and marketing pieces!”

The uneccesary waste of millions of dollars occurs because such businesses fail to give their clients a reason to respond to their ads – by making an offer! Even better, an outrageous offer!

Major Selling Principle – The Offer is Everything


More than any other component in your advertising, your offer is IT!

I would go so far as to say that most of the success I have enjoyed over the past few years is attributable to my ability to create and craft extremely potent offers. In fact before I do anything else with my ads, sales letters or even my internet marketing, I work on developing and refining the offer I make.

I’ll even say this;


You can virtually write your own ticket when you hone your skill at creating powerful and compelling offers!

Why is that? Because we live in a world that has become overwhelmed, even saturated with advertising material. You have only to look in your own letter box to see that we are bombarded with it on a daily basis. Not only in your mailbox, but on television, radio, magazines, newspapers cinemas, billboards as you drive around. I, for one, have stopped watching most of the commercial stations because I hate the interruptions of commercials in the middle of an interesting film or documentary. And have you noticed that the volume suddenly seems to go up when the ads come on?

The impact of this is that many people – including your customers – have developed a kind of numbness response to advertising. So how do you overcome this problem? How do you reach your targeted customers?

I narrow it down to two ways:

1. Your offer must be compelling
2. Your offer must be believable.


(Please see Exhibit 1 at the end of this newsletter.)

So much so that your customers come to a grinding halt to read what you have said again!

It is said, and I believe it, that when you inject anything you are doing with energy or emotion, it becomes more potent. So when I sit down to create my offer, I get right into it! I let myself get completely involoved in what I am writing to the point that the energy in my office is almost tangible.

Then I let it rest. Once I have got it out of my system and onto the paper, I set it aside for a while. Maybe a few hours later, I’ll pick it up again and edit what I have written. Again, I let it rest and revisit it the next day to do another edit.

This refining process goes on for as long as I can afford the time, then I run it by a peer, or staff, or my wife; people whose opinions on the subject I respect. What I want is an honest appraisal and I always get it!

This whole process results in an exciting offer, which even the most mildly interested could not resisit reading! And the offer itself? MAKE IT CLEAR! Don’t leave any detail out. Put it on the table, so to speak.

When I write my offers up, the Headline quite often leads straight into the offer and the offer itself quite often gobbles up several paragraphs in length.

The great thing is, when my irresistable, BLOCKBUSTER offer is clealry articulated, the rest of the copy seems to practically write itself. It becomes an elaboration of what I have already written, with the support of benefits and the further injection of emotion to give it more WOW!

It isn’t the copy that stretches me, but the creation of the offer! Over that, I have been known to sweat! It comes down to four little defining words...


The Deal is everything!

Here, ‘everything’ means – the deal is the key to huge, immediate profits and on-going long term success.

Apart from being CLEAR, your offer also ought to be SIMPLE! There is a distinction between the two. If your offer is complicated, you run the risk of losing sales and this could be a substantial part of your market! So what comprises a great offer? There are two components to a powerful one:


1. Valuable- It must have HUGE PROMISE. (Exhibit 1)

It takes huge promise to move a complacent audience. Your promise needs to be remarkable which exceeds

your reader’s expectations.

Here – Exhibit 1 -we’ve offered a massive reduction based on the fact that our stock is truly unsellable at full price. Yet, it still comes with our full 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, and all the free bonuses.


2. It must be BELIEVABLE. (Exhibit 1) While you want to exceed expectations, you must avoid making it sound unbelievable. Lead your prospects right to the boundaries of believability without crossing it. That’s when you present an irrefutable case to support the promise you have made.

Again, in exhibit 1 you’ll note that the price is reduced due to damaged stock. Some from returns, some were damaged in our own warehouse, and others have been damaged by the printers. All this is true and completely concievable. It also tells the reason why the product has been reduced so dramatically. If you’re making an offer of your own to the marketplace, remember to always tell the reason why you are offering it, otherwise your offer will be disbelieved.



Take a look at the offer which I made in the Sales Letter for my recent Bootcamp, which I sent to prospective clients late last year.


$100,000.00 in Value GUARANTEED Or Get DOUBLE Your Money Back*

I guarantee this seminar will be worth no less than $100,000.00 to you, with you as the sole judge, jury — and if you vote “no” – executioner. If, by lunch time Saturday, you do not have in your hands a To-Do List of very specific actions you are eager to take, things to do and changes to make, that you can clearly and easily see will put at least $100,000.00 into your hands that you would not otherwise get in no less than 24 months, then you merely need tell me just that and you can leave right then and there with DOUBLE YOUR FEE.

Now let’s examine the offer I made to see how I covered the two components required to make an offer great; Immense promise. 2 – Make it believable –


1-#1. Huge Promise:
In the bolded subtext of my offer, I tell the reader that I guarantee them at least $100,000 worth of value – “I guarantee this seminar will be worth no less than $100,000.00 to you, with you as the sole judge, jury — and if you vote “no” – executioner.”

I specifically spell out that if they cannot clearly see a way to make at least $100,000 in no less than 24 months after having completed a To-Do list, they can have a double their money back refund. And they alone can decide.

Remember, the prospective Boot camp delegate would have been compelled by the BENEFIT to them which was articulated in the offer; that they would have, by lunchtime on the second day, a 30 day To-do list of specific steps to make $100,000 profit in their business over the following 24 months!

You have literally seconds to cut through the fog when your letter is in the hands of a prospective customer. Make it work! Hit the points you want them to read and the ones that really cut the mustard with them!

Note again, in my offer I say “With you as sole judge!” That takes the risk away from the prospective Boot camp delegate and puts it entirely on ME! Whether they want to leave by lunchtime on the second day of a 2 ½ day Boot camp, is their decision! Not mine – theirs.

This whole letter is too long for me to include in this Newsletter, but on the first page, after the attention grabbing headline and subheads, I went straight into PROOF – by telling the reader that rather than just listen to me espousing my successes, listen to what my clients have to say about me. There were several pages of testimonials included with names and businesses clearly presented after each testimonial.


#2. Complete Believability:

The sub-head of the paragraph containing the offer, begins with an outrageous DOUBLE your money back guarantee.

WOW! How often have you been offered double your money back for anything, let alone a seminar you paid up to $3,000 to attend? That is a compelling piece of proof that the benefit I have articulated to the client does work! (By the way, no-one “executed” that right at either event in either state.)

So point 2 – Complete Believability – guarantees a potently powerful result to the prospective Boot Camp delegate. The reader is promised that if they are not satisfied, they can leave by lunchtime on the 2nd day – and get TWICE what they paid for their ticket, refunded to them. That’s $6,000!

And remember, when I articulated the benefit in terms of $$$ they could make over a 24 month period; I actually quantified the amount – $100,000! What I did was to “put my business on the line” with a conceivably unbelievable promise – and made it BELIEVABLE!

The Sweetener!

This is the final component of a powerful offer – some sort of BONUS. A bonus will make an already potent offer even more irresistible. But rather than making it the ho-hum, usual sort of bonus, you want to make it something special; a heavy duty bonus.

With my offer to prospective Boot Camp delegates, I offered a $200 bookkeeping fee discount if the Boot Camp fee were paid in one payment. But I didn’t stop at one offer; it became a SERIES of offers. I made another highly appealing bonus fulfill another important role, by offering A COMPLETE LIBRARY AUDIO SET of the event recorded live at seminar, if the order form were submitted by the “date Stamped in Red.” on the form. My bonus also acted as a ‘Call to Action.’

“But wait; there’s more!” I then told the reader that I wanted my offer to be impossible to resist, therefore I ALSO offered the distribution rights, including all sales material necessary to sell “The Ultimate Marketing, Sales and Entrepreneurship Boot Camp 2002” Library audio set, valued at $1998 – if they were one of the first 100 to register!

The $$$ value, of all the bonuses I offered amounted to $3,496, which is more than the fee of the seminar; more than the total cost of their investment in the first place.

Imagine if you were considering attending one of my Boot Camps. Would my offer get your juices flowing? Would it move you to action? I did say your “Sweetener” ought to be ‘heavy duty.’

Why don’t you get some practice and sit down and write some deals yourself. I’m serious. Take some ads you see in magazines or any publication, or from the web or in the mail – and improve on their offers! Get right into your task and put together the most powerful offers you can using these 3 components; Immense promise, complete believability and ultimately – the sweetener.

Here I would like to reveal to you probably the singularly most powerful marketing strategy I will ever reveal! How do I know it is so powerful? Simply because so may people approached me after the Boot Camp to tell me they could hardly sleep, their minds took off and continued to race after I revealed it there.

Here it is: Make your Bonus your product! Read that again, it could be worth millions to you!

Let me explain using an example. There was a web site created in America, which sold body building supplements (US$495) The reality is, this supplement is unlikely to be any better than any other supplement. But this company dominates the market worldwide with just one product and the company itself was sold for a fortune in record time. Here is their outrageous offer, in my words not theirs.

“Place an order of “Muscle Building Tone and Reshape Your Body” pack, which includes 3 tubs of our unique Body Building Formula XXX PLUS 3 Tubs of Protein formula valued at over US$750 for only US $495, if you order within the next 10 days. However if you order 2 packs of our Muscle building Tone & Reshape Your Body Pack for just US$695 – Total Value US$1500. You save a whopping $805 and we will enter you in a draw to win a 2003 FERRARI DIABLO valued at US$480,000. But you must order NOW!

Folks, if you’re into this stuff you’re seriously, going to buy. Let’s face it, most people who are “into” their bodies would leap at the chance to pose in a red Ferrari Diablo!

I did it with my Boot Camp offer. Here’s what you need to ask yourself – and if you get this one strategy, you will never have another competitor again!


What part of a profit you never had, can you afford to give away to ensure You get a profit you never would have had?

Recently I ‘did the $$$ numbers’ to see if it was viable for me to give away a Dodge Viper valued at AU$365,000. By the way, this car is a product breakthrough; it almost single handedly brought the Dodge Motor Company back from “extinction” in The States. Anyway here is what my “numbers” told me. All I needed to enable me to lease a Viper was an extra gross profit per week of $1120. Would I be able to achieve that if my offer to my client was as well marketed as the Ferrari offer? You betcha I would!

So back to the lesson. I would have to give away $1120 of an enormously large profit I would never have had. In effect, I was giving nothing away, because I never had it in the first place. A client and friend of mine by the name of Chris Bloor, presented his Ezine marketing skills at my Boot Camp and became known affectionately as the “Crocodile Hunter of Marketing”, due to his exuberant, some might say evangelistic, style of delivery. Chris told me how he mailed just 28 highly qualified potential clients with such an offer at $7,500 and subsequently sold four packages in just two days. That’s four packages x $7,500 = $30,000! Although Chris is in the marketing business, he had never heard of this strategy before.

So get to work now. Make this your most profitable year yet!

Write your whole offer out and set yourself the task of doing say 3 a week, or more if you can. It might sound like a bit of a slog to begin with, but I promise you it will bring you rewards. Get some practice in now, get more and more accomplished at it and you will be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next few years, for your effort!


The Irresistible Lure of Attention Grabbers!

The purpose of sending a business letter is to get a response – some kind of action, whether that is a sale, an appointment or a phone call.

In order to achieve that, your sales letters must do two things.

#1. They must stand out and take all the attention away from any other mail your prospective client gets.

#2. They must be interesting enough for the reader to actually enjoy reading them and be moved to act upon them!


Most people would agree; a large proportion of letters and other communication that takes place between a business and it’s customer tends to be pretty ho-hum! And …


Most of it will end up lost amongst all the other mail!

So how can you change this. Is there anything you can actually do to make sure that your prospect treats the mail you send them differently? YES there is!

You can use “Attention Grabbers” in all your letters To make them jump out at the person sorting through them!

You may be asking just why attention grabbers are so effective. Or even what they are in the first place.

An Attention Grabber, apart from doing what the name suggests, is simply some item that you attach to your letter, usually at the top of the page, which is consistent with what you say in your opening paragraph and to whatever it is that you are offering to your prospective client. See Exhibit 2.

Do you get many letters which have something – a physical item – stuck or taped to the top of the page? I bet you don’t. And that is why they are so powerful! They are unusual and our attention is almost always caught by anything that is unusual! And of course once you have someone’s attention, they are also likely to take action.

And now for some Attention Grabbers! Look at these and imagine the items listed stuck to the top right hand corner of the letter you are sending out:

Coin Grabber: A ten cent coin, simply taped or glued . Your opening paragraph might read:


“Dear Sophie,


As you can see, I have attached a 10c coin to the top of the page. Why have I done this? There are two reasons. Firstly I wanted to get your attention and hopefully I have done that. Secondly, what I have to say concerns how you can make substantially more money in your busienss, so the ten cent coin seemed appropriate.”

Candle: Again, simply a small candle normally used on a birthday cake .

“we happen to know it’s your birthday ….

Blue Ribbon: A small sample of blue ribbon with …

“Blue Ribbon has long been associated with the elite, with excellence. Blue ribbons are pinned on those who LEAD THE WAY! In the next decade and beyond, consulting will be the profession to be in – the blue ribbon profession!

Hundreds and Thousands: You could have some fun with this one – especially applying them!

“representing the Hundreds and thousands of dollars which I have made in this industry…“ An Aspro Grabber: “Dear Jo, is business giving you a headache?…………”

A Band Aid: “Are you getting sick of putting a bandaid on all your business problems? Here’s how you can heal them once and for all…”.

A Matchstick Grabber: “Dear Mergatroyd, As you can see … Secondly, what I have to say concerns a burning hot idea of how you can make more money in your business!”

A Tea-bag Grabber: “This will only take a couple of minutes of time to read, so why not sit back, relax and have a cup of tea on me.”

A Baloon Grabber: “…what I have to say ia about making your next business function an unforgettable event…”

You get the picture. I’m sure your mind is working overtime thinking of many more potential Attention Grabbers you could use that would be compatible with your own unique requirements! The only limit to your possibilities is your imagination.

A word of warning, I once had my staff stick hundreds and thousands to several thousand letters! It started off as a novelty; we had hundreds and thousands all over the office for weeks and I was respectively asked to consider band aids or something else next time. Everyone decided glue sniffing really wasn’t that much fun!

Besides even clients opening their mail complained good naturedly that hundreds and thousands went everywhere! Well at least they were sure to remember my letter. See Exhibit 3.

One of the best Attention Grabbers I have ever seen received was sent to me by Peter Morley of Belhus Racing Syndicate. See Exhibit 4.


One of the Best Attention Grabbers I have ever seen!

Peter had the task of selling people on the dream of being the owner of a wining race horse. This awsome attention grabber was handsomely displayed in an A4 sized picture frame, which could be shown on my desk and was personally delivered to my door by a courier, beautifully presented in wrapping paper and twine. The framed work comprised a picture of a horse race along with an article written in editorial style, which looked as though it had been cut out of a newspaper.

Most importantly, it was personalised as though I were already the ecstatic owner of a race horse. The whole thing had the desired effect of evoking the emotion of excitement in the reader.

I believe this cold Lead Generator posted to selected individuals likely to have the $$$ resources to respond to such an offer, has been Petter’s best performing marketing tactic to date and I expect it would have cost him no more than about $15 to create. Sadly, most people won’t take the time or go to the same amount of effort which Peter has.

Peter could actually improve his results by including an audio cassette tape or a booklet of testimonials from enthusiastic horse owners and an offer or some kind of story to, say attend a meeting to experince the thrill of owning and winning race horses. Participating prospects could be picked up in a stretch limo and chaeffeured to the track to be wined and dined. I expect the offer would be even harder to resist given such a scenario, even with a price tag of $9,750 per share. Peter might have some form of follow up, such as a phone call a week after sending out the framed article and picture, then a follow up letter, followed by another follow up phone call. In any case, this is one of the finest examples I have seen.

Another Outrageous Attention Grabber

I heard of another outrageous attention grabber in The States in one of Dan Kennedy’s Boot Camps. I’d been wanting to try it but never had the right opportunity. You see it needs to be perfectly targeted at an audience whose attention is normally very hard to get. The attention Grabber is a full sized bright yellow paddle about 900 millemetres in length. Tied to it is an envelope addressed to the recipient, usually an extremely busy executive decision maker who is normally impossible to get to, because of the ‘gate keepers’. The letter to our busy exec goes something like this…

“Why have I sent you this gigantic bright yellow paddle? There are two reasons for this. Firstly I wanted to get your attention and I’m certain the paddle surely has.

Secondly, people in your position are so busy and faced with so many changing events these days, that I suspect getting your job done could be likened to paddling madly upstream needing a bigger and bigger paddle.

So the big bright yellow paddle seemed appropriate, because you see, I have some information that will make your job a whole lot easier.

This strategy would surely get you an appointment.


Is Anyone Smarter or more Worthy of Wealth Than You?

It seems to me that lately, more and more presumably smart people are doing spectacularly dumb things; the demise of hih ansett etc are good examples of so called smart ppl doing dumb things. The bizarre antics of Whacko Jacko hanging his baby from the balcony of a hotel and Winona Ryder’s shop lifting spree seem to have taken it (dumbness) to a whole new level. WARNING! There is an idiot lurking within us all.

I started out in small business at a very young age and quickly discovered that my assumption that the owners or CEO’s of much bigger business would be smarter, was misguided. And having since had years of experiece dealing closely with executives and CEO’s of some large corportations, it’s become clear that nothing could be further from the truth.

It is simply no more than an erroneous belief of massive proportions, that most of the rest of the world consists of smarter and more qualified individuals than you. Bearing witness to the ‘dumbness’ around me gives me a clearer perspective; my own success is not due to genius but in part to the ‘empty headedness’ of others. Because of them, I stand out!

Why am I saying this? Because as Dan Kennedy says, confidence Is everything!

You need confidence to take action; to implement, to trust your own abilities. Just by reading this newsletter, you will be infinitely more informed than most in your ‘category’ and probably even a leader in your field.

I guarantee you this, you could take the 160 folk from my Boot Camps, give them the keys to my business and it would be in safer and more capable hands than if I placed it in the hands of 160 of the top executives around town! So take comfort and courage from that. Let that knowledge instill in you the confidence to act as if you are truly more knowledgable, qualified and capable of success than anyone else around you!

I would bet heavily that you are! The rewards are gained by taking action with confidence!


Exhibit One

Why Have I Attached a 10c Coin To the Top of This Page?

Dear Enquirer,

As you can see, I have attached a 10c coin to the top of this page and there are two reasons for this.

Firstly I wanted to get your attention and hopefully I have done that.

Secondly, what I am about to talk about has a lot to do with money or more specifically, how much of it you have. So the 10c coin seemed appropriate.

Either way, you may recall asking for some information about “Mail Order”. And if I am not mistaken, we haven’t heard from you since.

Last time I wrote to you, you will remember I told you about the many businesses I’ve owned and many clients I coach in business, the seminars I run around Australia, my University Extension Course presentations at U W.A, and the weekly time slots I’ve had on ABC radio. I even included my banking takings for a particular week of business as further proof of what I say is true.

I am not going to go over all that again but what I am going to do is make you a more irresistible offer by increasing your money back guarantee so you don’t have to rush through this whooping 6kg package, in fact you can take your time, run some ads, make some money and if you are still not convinced you can still send it back for a full refund (excluding postage $15) a full three months after you get the package.


Further and indisputable proof of what we say is true and that I stand behind my products!

I hope this has served to “prove” to you that I know what I am talking about, that I have “walked in your Moccasins” and sure, lain awake at night when the going has got tough.

Simply, I extend the same offer to you again. Read the Free report again because, absolutely nothing will change until you make the decision to stop doing the same things over and over. For ‘things’ to change, first you must change and this product will definitely change the way you think about money and about your business, present or future.


Kind regards Mal Emery


PS. As an extra special bonus and only if you order in the next 10 days, I will include a ground-breaking audio cassette tape “How to Make a Fortune Licensing Other People’s Products.” I sold 25 of these tapes for $397 to a very hungry Mail Order Seminar audience, who understood the value of this product. Here it’s yours for free.

PPS. If you do order in the next 10 days, I will include the Lifetime Reprint and Duplication Rights to “How to Make a Fortune Licensing Other People’s Products”, but you must order before the date stamped in RED on the order form.


Exhibit Two

My Amazing Offer!

… and Why Have I Attached Hundreds and Thousands to

the Top of this Page?

Dear Englebert,

So, this time, why have I attached hundreds and thousands to the top of this page?

Basically there are two reasons. Firstly, what I have to say is so important I wanted to be sure this letter got your attention and hopefully it has.

Secondly, with the new sports season fast approaching, quite literally hundreds and thousands of people will be taking to the sports fields once again – so it seemed appropriate to use the edible variety in a symbolic way here.

Seriously though, you may recall I wrote to you last year with a Special Offer, which included a FREE Sports bag and water bottle valued at $35 with every tracksuit sold. I would like to extend that same offer to you again!


Free Sports Bag and Water Bottle valued at $35 with allOrders Placed before April 1st

This is how our offer works. If you place an order with us before October 1st for 10 Tracksuits we will include two free bonuses, 1 Sportsbag and Water Bottle per tracksuit ordered. As far as filling the order is concerned, that can happen after October 1st. Just as long as we recieve your order, you qualify for the ‘Freebies’.

OH! Yes, if it is just a Tracksuit top you require we have a deal for you too.

Once again, place an order for 10 or more Track suit tops before October the 1st and for each top you order you will receive absolutely FREE a quality brushed cotton cap and water bottle valued at over $18. I promise it won’t be one of those cheap and nasty promotional caps you get that sit on top of your head like an oversized camel hump or feels unnervingly like something Granny used to starch in her outside wash house. You’ll be proud to wear and be seen in these caps.

My reason for making this offer is simple. Everyone seems to leave the placing of their order to the last minute and this can make life difficult for us so to smooth things out we have decided to make you a generous and genuine offer to get you orders in early. Please see our catalogue attached for size and colours and costings.



I personally guarantee that if you are not absolutely delighted with the quantity of our products we will replace it for free or pay our competition to make it for you.

As you can see we don’t expect you to believe us when we say we are good at what we do; we are prepared to make you this outrageous guarantee. After all you are the best judge.

Finally if you are a past client, I would like to thank you for your custom; if not I would love the opportunity to prove to you that we are worthy of your business.

Kind regards Billy Bloggs

PS. Please also find enclosed testimonials from our past customers. What they have to say about us ten times more important than what we say about ourselves. PPS. I will be phoning you within the next 10 days to answer any questions you might have and to see if we can be of any assistance to you. PPPS. Again offers like this don’t happen every week so it’s strictly first in best dressed (pardon the pun). So get in early to avoid disappointment.

Exhibit Three

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