Speed Wealth ….fact or fiction? Fact of course and it’s certainly well documented within my group.

But first a comment about ‘speed wealth’ and ‘get rich quick’. Firstly, there is no virtue in getting rich slow; if you’ve tried it you’ll agree with me. Also, there is nothing sinister about getting rich quickly. Lets’ face it when you make a bank deposit the teller doesn’t add some extra dollars for ‘slow’ or cut a penalty for ‘fast’.

The problem is most of us have been programmed to believe there is something wrong with getting rich quick and that the very idea is ‘fool’s gold’, implausible, possibly even an outright lie.Ask yourself do you know of anyone who holds that view point who have gotten rich quickly? I doubt it. Quite honestly, if you spend any time with my members, you’ll get a very different perspective of ‘speed wealth.’

As someone who has ‘done it’ for themselves and repeatedly and quite routinely worked with others who have accelerated their income it is my reality. With what you’ll discover here it will be yours too.

Here is why, you see, after working up close in the zoo cage as the business mentor and coach with a rebellious group of individuals who have gotten rich quickly I’ve discovered something. And here it is…only a finite number of the strategies I taught them were directly responsible for their quick and continued financial success and I’ve given this phenomena a title, ‘The Speed Wealth Zone – How to go From Zero to Millionaire in Business in 3 Years or Less and Enjoy the Journey Along the Way’.

Let’s talk about money for a while…

Depending on what book you’re reading something like 5% of the world’s population finishes up with 95% of the worlds wealth. And this stat hasn’t changed in 50 years or so, in spite of all the benefits we have today like advances in technology, abundant knowledge, in fact in spite of anything you can think of, 5% in any group of people will finish up with 95% of the wealth. A further 15% should be OK as long as they don’t do something stupid. The majority however can barely afford to pay attention.

Furthermore if you have a net worth of $500,000 you’re in the top 10% and if you have a net worth that exceeds $5 million you’re in the top 0.5% of the world’s population.

Right now, December the 14th 2007 I’m in Bangalore India and I can tell you categorically we don’t have equal opportunity everywhere on this planet. The villages and the poor here have literally no chance of ever being in the top 20%, never less the 5% of the worlds wealthy. What all this tells us is that some like the Indians I just referred to are staying behind in this regard, and for the others that are more fortunate like most Australians, it’s just too difficult and they’re not prepared to do what it takes to change their situation.
But I’m not going to give up on you just yet, because in the coming weeks if you’re smart enough to pay attention I’m going to reveal to you the ‘speed wealth’ triggers we rebellious millionaires do in common to outrageous success.

I will attempt to paraphrase Napolean Hill of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ fame. “When money starts to come, it comes in such abundance you’ll wonder where it’s been hiding all these lean years”

So right he was, so let’s hope that next year is your best year yet. I’ll be doing my best to do my part. The theme for 2008 ‘Speed Wealth: Accelerate in 2008”

Committed to Elevating the Financial Wealth and Wellbeing of Society Through Entrepreneurial Excellence and Guilty of Conspiracy to Create Capitalism.

Mal Emery

P.S. Watch for your next Rebellious Rant for your ‘speed wealth’ triggers to be revealed, the things to do that make money come to you in abundance.

Posted on November 12, 2007 - 05:21 PM

- Updated on November 12, 2007 - 05:21 PM

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