The truth is money is made mentally long before it’s physically collected.

I think it was Prosperity Preacher Reverend Ike who said “People have more hang ups about money than they do about sex.” And I think it was Zig Ziggler that said “Hardening of the attitude is more dangerous than hardening of the arteries”. Either way, the message is the same.

If you ain’t got it, you’ve got to look at your thinking. Most people however prefer to take the easy option and blame the education they didn’t get,
the parents they had, the government of the day, inflation, in fact blame anyone or anything that is handy other than themselves. We have bred a society keen to abdicate responsibility for anything and everything: money and success is high on that list.

“How to Make $100,000 in the Next 100 Days!”

Immediately, most people who read that headline will dismiss it as being impossible to achieve. There is a very good reason for that. It’s because most people make the mistake of equating money to time.

At a glance, there is a good reason for this type of thinking. After all:

- Most workers get paid by the hour/week/month
- Taxes are paid by the year
- Most bills are charged monthly or quarterly

So to make that sort of money in 100 days you need a different paradigm. The new paradigm needs to be:

Stop thinking in terms of time and start thinking in terms of IDEAS, VALUE AND MARKETS because clearly there is no labour you can do to make that sort of money. There is NO Dollar coin in circulation that wasn’t FIRST BIRTHED IN AN IDEA that then is distributed through manual labour.

The fact is I and some of my rebellious clients and associates have done even better than the headline I’ve described and made $100,000′s in an hour, a week, a month.

Of course there is a very good reason why they don’t teach this at universities. The most obvious is they don’t know how to do it and as a consequence can’t teach it. The next problem is they have a bias against the concept. I could make a certain bet that I have made more in an hour than my teachers ever made in a year allowing for inflation.

OK, so you’ve read this far. If you want to make the sort of money I’ve referred to here, there are four things you’ll need to do:

1. Become a student of making money fast. Immerse yourself in it

2. Study and devote time to the process

3. Look for PRINCIPLES in the successes and stories of Masters

4. Immerse yourself in the PRINCIPLES of what works best

Although at a glance Donald Trump and Sam Walton are very very different individuals, in fact in a lot of ways polar opposites, it is the PRINCIPLES and the COMMONALITIES they both share that you need to focus on MOST.

Until you figure this out for yourself you should eat what these Masters eat, walk like they walk, talk like they talk, just in case that’s “it”.

You Can Divide the Population Into Two Chunks – One Has Got the Money, One Hasn’t, and the Latter Meekly Forfeit Their Right to Complain.

As I said, you can divide the population into two chunks. Those who search, hunt and ferret out the information they need to rectify whatever is ailing them, and those who simply don’t. About 5% of the population are in one group and 95% are in the other. In a financial sense, 5% of people do very very well and 95% never achieve a satisfactory level of independence and wealth.

Is this a coincidence? I don’t think so.

Iron clad proof the deciding factor in achieving financial success isn’t really education. Formal education alone won’t do it for you and the myth that it will, has held many people back. I myself was told, when I first began striving to ‘change’ my circumstances, that I didn’t have the necessary tertiary education to facilitate the changes I wanted to make, so it would have been easy not to even try.

I do know a lot of people with advanced tertiary degrees who are no better off than those who lack similar qualifications. On the other hand, I know and work closely with a lot of people who continued their formal education no further than high school,some who never even finished high school, who have started, built and own highly successful businesses. Some have made a fortune in the stock market, some have even used real estate
as their wealth creation strategy.

These high school drop outs make $100,000 or more a year, although being a high school dropout is not a pre-requisite!

The difference is acting on Information!

More specifically, the getting and using of information. What most people don’t seem to grasp is that it’s a behavioural difference, totally and completely within your control, regardless of your financial circumstances, tertiary background, where you live or the business you own.

Hopefully, you are in or striving to be part of the 5% and I congratulate you on that choice. Many however opt for being in the second group, but by doing so they forfeit their right to complain. If you are striving to improve your situation I can promise you the steps to mastery are NOT shrouded in mystery as so many mistakenly believe. There are NO secrets. But there are ways to accelerate the process and your progress through those
steps, notably, mentoring and modelling.

There is a radical underground in the entrepreneurial world. There are things we know and discuss sparingly and cautiously with one another, but rarely with outsiders – because what we know so diametrically differs with what the overwhelming majority believe about money, success and independence that we risk some retribution akin to witches being burned at the stake for blasphemy.

If you think of this as simply ‘hype’, as one piece of evidence, I’ll mention that many of the very rich entrepreneurs I hang out with and work with have, at one time or another, literally been persecuted by their peers and their particular trade or professional associations for too radically challenging the norms of their industries. I am inviting you into this ‘secret society.’

Of course, most of what you may read or hear elsewhere about ‘secret societies’, secrets, and insider information is unadulterated, stinking rubbish. And I’m not actually talking about some formal, institutionalized secret society here, with it’s own handshake, password and blood oath. What I am talking about, is a fairly sizeable group who make their large incomes and create their wealth in opposition, in many ways, to everything
you’ve ever been taught or told about the subjects of ‘money’ and ‘wealth’, and who make their incomes and create their wealth more easily, with less struggle; more pleasurably and more independently than 95% of all business people.

In short, they have and use a radically different ‘rebellious’ blueprint to most. For the most part, how they do what they do goes unnoticed, not understood, by those around them. And there’s – we’ve learnt, often the hard way – there’s no benefit from attempting to enlighten friends, family or peers. In fact, doing so is, at best futile; at worst, dangerous. I should know, I’ve tried! Over the past 33 years, I’ve associated with and worked very closely, for long, continuing periods of time; with numerous entrepreneurs I now describe as REBELLIOUS ENTREPRENEURS.

- To my knowledge, all are first generation success stories,
millionaires and multi-millionaires.
- Almost all started and built businesses from scratch.
- Most have focused on ‘rebellious’ business ‘models.’
- They also have very little in common.

The point is, while they have very, very little in common, the few commonalities they do share are critically, vitally important, profoundly significant, and when understood, contribute majorly to their rebellious status.

It is a huge myth, and major barrier to success, that the entrepreneurs with the biggest incomes and greatest businesses are somehow ‘gifted’ or ‘super-human’, and possess ‘powers’ or ‘luck’ denied most mortals.

Here, let me simply say there is absolutely no inherent ‘power’, intelligence or other advantage possessed by any of these people that you, too, do not possess. If you spent as much time with as many rebellious millionaire and multi-millionaire entrepreneurs as I have and do, you would be SHOCKED, and I mean, SHOCKED – in many ways – at how ordinary, even boring, they are.

YOUR MISSION – should you decide to accept it, is to get perfectly, totally in sync, mentally, emotionally, strategically and behaviourally with these Rebellious Entrepreneurs, so that you too can enjoy their results.

Best Regards,

Mal Emery

P.S. If you’ve come to the inevitable conclusion after reading this, that you want more, and that you believe what I do can help you get where it is you want to go, just as it has for many of my coaching clients, AND you know you’re the right person at the right time to be receiving this information, and you’re absolutely committed to doing whatever it takes to change your situation, whatever that means for you…

Then to find out more about my coaching and mentoring programme, simply go

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